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Keren Goldman

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About Keren Goldman

Digital Usability Designer

I am a Certified Usability Analyst who excels in driving high-profile projects from concept to completion. I create holistic design solutions that advance business goals, brand vision, and user satisfaction. I maintain my competitive edge by fusing contemporary style with practical application. I bring rare intuition for stretching design patterns to encourage results-oriented innovation on all my projects. As a seasoned front-end coder who understands the technical landscape, I design scalable and executable solutions that eliminate barriers between ideas and business outcomes. This enables me to work creatively through and around perceived limitations and/or challenges imposed by the delivery platform. With extensive experience in branding, user experience and user interface design; I pride myself on a unique ability to create intelligent work that captures the nuance and intricacies of each client's identity with an emphasis on user-centered design.


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Case StudiesPortfolio

A Sample tasting

Enterprise solutions have their own unique set of challenges. They need to be visually stunning as well as easy to use despite being significantly more complex than their consumer counterparts. This means that getting the UI/UX just right is extremely important and having a thoughtful foundation is a key component for success. These case studies demonstrate how design thinking, UX methods and deliverables were employed to solve real user problems.

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I love an opportunity to evangelize UX

Crestron Masters
Crestron Masters
A State of Control: Customer First
A State of Control: Customer First

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Custom Design & Development

Webcandy Legacy
Webcandy Legacy
Webcandy Legacy
Tiger Schulmann's MMA

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